Trust Registration

Atrust can either be a private trust or a public charitable trust. Private trusts are governed by the Indian Trusts Act (1882) and are used for private purposes, such as running a private estate or institution. Privates trusts are not given any tax benefits by the Government of India. If you want to do some charitable work for public –you can set up a public charitable trust. India does not have a national level law to govern charitable trusts. However, a few of the states have enacted Public Charitable Trusts Act (Like Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950)


Requisites for creation of a Trust :

1. there is a founder/settler/author of trust;

2. there should be person(s) called trustee/trustees;

3. there is a property of the trust which the settler gives;

4.there is a person capable to enforce that obligation called cestuique trust;

5.there are beneficiaries who will enjoy benefits out of that property.,

6. an intention of the author or founder to create a trust;

7. the purpose of the trust;

8. transfer of the property to the trustees.

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